The Federal Leadership Institute is proud to offer the Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue. Supported by Georgetown University, the Certificate is awarded to individuals who complete the requirements of participation in 10 virtual consecutive sessions in a cohort structure. Each session provides an intimate setting where D&I practitioners and managers are exposed to the process of looking into oneself and discovering what’s in you—this is a journal of self-reflection and self-awareness.

Participants in the Certificate program are challenged as it pulls out the expertise in you and allows you to share your life experiences and discuss different points of view. There is no right or wrong answers.

The focus of the Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue is to raise the awareness of diversity and inclusion issues on workforce effectiveness and creativity and move forward from awareness building to action planning.


Areas of Focus

  • Confront assumptions, perceptions and stereotypes that impede personnel effectiveness
  • Examine currently held beliefs
  • Identify behaviors that promote mutual respect for divergent perspectives
  • Broaden view of what diversity and inclusion is and means
  • Share perspectives and facilitate a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion issues
  • Personal development and challenge your own thinking through self-reflection