About Us


The Wilson Foundation for the Performing Arts and Sciences (WFPAS), founded by Dr. Youlanda Gibbons, one of the nation’s most influential thought-leaders in business and government, is celebrating our inaugural year! WFPAS was established to support the work of the performing arts and sciences that shape and shift perspectives and behaviors that enact social justice and democratic principles.

Bedrock of Our Work

Our work is guided by a need for lasting solutions to social and economic challenges faced by communities worldwide. Our mission is to make a difference by supporting and impacting transformative ideas and institutions through the power and magnification of the performing arts and sciences.

As the non-profit arm of the Partnership for Inclusion Leadership, WFPAS has a unique role in supporting emerging and existing artists and scientists leaving a measurable and lasting impact in communities where our work resides.

Before establishing WFPAS, our effort has focused on creating innovating strategies to develop and mature inclusive leaders in the Federal government and the Unites States military. Our work reflects a history of advising and supporting government leaders in times of social upheaval and political turmoil.

Beyond the walls of public policy lies the power of the arts and sciences to influence, inform and prevail on democratic principles and values of the nation. An extension of the Partnership for Inclusion Leadership, WFPAS seeks to leverage relationships, expertise, and insights to engage and inspire individuals and organizations to support the full spectrum of the arts and sciences in the Unites States.